This means that IBM has the building blocks of a complete master data management solution, ditto for data integration, ditto again for data quality and,

Sory Electronics: Will Sony make amends for infecting our computers?

A favorite conversational tidbit was that when you buy fake electronics in Hong Kong, they ask you which logo you want on it (Sony, Panasonic, NEC, etc.) and then affix the proper sticker. Awesome.

blatantly rip off someone else’s design for your profit, well, we’re all in trouble

英単語 意味
amends 償い
make amends 償い[埋合わせ]をする
ditto 上, 同前, 同断 (the same)
tidbit うまくて軽い食べ物, ひと口の珍味; とっておきの[おもしろい]話
affix 添付する
blatantly 明らかに,絶対に《◆事実でないことなどを強調する》.
scam 〈人〉からだまし取る.